Objective of BRAANET Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


To carry on the business of software designing, development, customisation, implementation, maintenance, testing and benchmarking, designing, developing and dealing in computer software and solutions, and to import, export, sell, purchase, distribute, host (in data centres or over the web) or otherwise deal in own and third party computer software packages, programs and solutions, and to provide internet / web based applications, services and solutions, provide or take up Information Technology related assignments on sub-contracting basis, offering services on-site/ offsite or through development centres using owned /hired or third party infrastructure and equipment, providing recruitment and HR related services, providing and taking personnel / consultants/ human resources to / from other organizations, providing solutions/ packages/ services through applications services provider mode via internet or otherwise, to carry on the business of manufacturing, dealing and maintenance of computer hardware, computer systems and assemble data processors, program designs and to buy, sell or otherwise deal in such hardware and software packages and all types of tabulating machine, accounting machines, calculators, hardware /machine used in cashless transactions,  3-D printers and its applications based services, desktop publishing (DTP), computerised telecommunication systems and network, next generation networks, optical networks, optical computing, quantum computing, wireless networks, mobile networks, their components, spare parts, equipments and devices and to carry on the business of establishing, running and managing institutions, schools, and academics for imparting education in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and emerging technologies, offering equipment, solutions and services for networking and network management, data centre management and in providing consultancy services in all above mentioned areas.

To develop, provide, undertake, design, import, export, distribute and deal in systems and application software for microprocessor based information systems, off shore software development projects, internet service provider, and solutions in all areas of application including those in emerging niche segments like Internet and Intranet website applications solutions, Internet of Everything (IoE),  software enterprise, resource planning, e-commerce, crypto-currency, central banking, money supply, world reserve currency, Bit coins, digital currency, value added products and other business applications either for its own use for sale in India or for export outside India and to design and develop such systems and application software for and on behalf of manufacturers owners and users of computer, telecom, digital, electronic equipments in India or elsewhere in the world. 

To conduct proactive research for cyber threats and ensure that attacks can be detected and prevented before they cause real harm and  to stay vigilant against possible cyber threats that may arise in today’s networked world, through monitoring, trend analysis and advisories, engage with state & central government, regulators, industry associations, institutions and think tanks on policy matters through public advocacy, establish thought leadership  through development of best practices, standards and frameworks and publication of studies, surveys, articles  and research papers, capacity building  in security, privacy and cyber forensics through training  and certification of individuals and professionals, cybercrime investigations through training of law enforcement agencies and judiciary, increase India’s share in global data and cyber security products and services through Global Trade Development initiatives.

To manufacture, sell, export, import all kinds of electric & electronic components capable of being used in electrical & mechanical and electronic industries including computers telecommunications  to carry out software research and development, to design and develop system software, application software and any other software in India and abroad to start Broadband & Integrated Services Digital Local Network ( ISDLAN ) dial for Data Centres Technology Parks, Wide Area Network Internet, cloud computing, user net, secure cyber café services in India and abroad.

Collaborations with academic schools, institutes, state & central level agencies, departments, organizations in India and abroad to develop/ establish Centre of Excellence to promote quality education, facilities for advance and multidisciplinary research, develop new products for commercial purpose, transfer of technology, file patents, organising national & international level conferences, workshops, symposiums, technical events in the domain of emerging technologies / advanced learning technologies, consultancy to institutes to improve teaching learning process for upliftment of   standard of education, consultancy to research projects, advising  students on professional courses for their own skills and career development, research guidance to scholars for their thesis, training programs to students for their  curriculum related projects or similar in nature, support to produce high quality reports,  publication of  journals, event proceedings, books, establish e- learning centres, certification of professional courses, distance learning programs using ICT for rural & urban population in India and abroad.

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